Together we’ll go a long way

With a special journey comes a special way to get on board the train! The Unity Express is an open-source project that depends on the support of volunteers like you, and in keeping with that spirit, we’ve chosen a “crowdfunding” model to distribute the tickets.  We want to give everybody the chance to travel aboard the Unity Express.  It’s not first-come, first-served, and it’s not only for those with the financial means. We want people who will be active, who will do something more on the train than soak in the scenery.  And we think that’s what our crowdfunding platform will provide: a fair chance for anybody to get a ticket and a good mix of enthusiastic passengers.

So, what exactly is “crowdfunding”?

Crowdfunding is like donating, but with one key difference: you get something in return! In this case, that something is the chance for a ticket. We’re creating a virtual train, where you’ll be able to click on individual items to sponsor, everything from sleeping berths to wall sockets and rubbish bins. By sponsoring a piece of the train, you’ll get the chance of actually coming on board the Unity Express! The minimum contribution for a chance is between €20-30, but every contribution, from €1 and up, is rewarded with something. These different levels will be more clear when the development of the virtual train is complete.

Three ways to get a ticket

Ticket distribution procedure

There are three ways to get a ticket:

  1. By participating in a lottery
    You can participate in a sort of lottery, in which all crowdfunders get a chance to come on board, based on an asset you have, like your culture (Frisian, for instance), a special ability (safety officer) or age (63 and still young at heart). This process will be as objective as possible.
  2. By submitting or joining a project
    When we have the website ready to accept projects, you can use that project to increase your chance. The more support (votes) you get for the project, the better your chances of getting on board. In other words, only the best projects (according to the community) get on board.
  3. By buying a ticket
    A small amount of tickets will be sold at a premium price. This is for those that are quick, have money and just want to get on board. Prices for these tickets can be found below.

Tickets for sale

There will be two types of tickets for sale: full event and week tickets.

Full Event TicketWeek Ticket
A bed to sleep in 1For 28 daysFor 7 days
All meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner 2
Access to all activities on board and in cities 3
Price€ 1.992€ 549

1 while most nights will be on board, some are in a city, in collaboration with CouchSurfing
2 all meals that are served in the train during the validity of the ticket (+ basic drinks like water, tea, coffee, etc.)
3 as long as there is room, of course

You can buy as many week tickets as you like, for the weeks you like.  For example, buying a ticket for weeks 2 and 3 is possible.

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