Aldith Hunkar

I teamed up with Unity Express through Coen. We met on twitter and he helped me out with some online problems I was having. In between the online help, we started talking about our works, our interests and our passions. As these things go, it turned out we had a lot in common – even a project!

In fact, Coen explained that the dream I’d been having for some time – to hop on a train, travel through Europe and talk to young people everywhere with camera’s rolling – was already in a very advanced state of realization: the Unity Express! Furthermore, Unity Express had the exact same objectives that I had: to prove that young people all through Europe share goals and ideas, but only need a common platform to express themselves. If such a platform were provided, Europe would face a more united future, one of strength and partnership.

When asked to join the ranks of Unity Express, it took very little time to make up my mind. I believe my 25+ years of experience in mainstream and freestyle media have provided me with the right knowledge and expertise to host talk shows on board of the train, to interview people in different countries, to lead debates and to draw conclusions for the future.

It is therefore with great pride and satisfaction that I have accepted the invitation. I greatly look forward to that already historic ride and to getting acquainted with countless names and faces all across our continent.


Aldith Hunkar

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