The Train

The Unity Express is going to move you

It all starts with the train. Or as we would like to call it: our traveling festival of cultures.

Thanks to “Treinreiswinkel”, a Dutch train charter company, we don’t have to worry about the schedules and personnel. It’s all been taking care of. So let’s bring out the numbers! The train is built for 420 people, living in 14 wagons pulled by 1 locomotive that changes at every border. In addition there will be one spare wagon in case one breaks down. That makes a length of more than 400 meters! There are in total 420 beds, of which 360 will be for passengers. 12 will be for the journey organization and all other beds are meant for mandatory personnel, press and special interest people (you can’t live without them…).

The train has 6 multipurpose wagons that will be used for the workshops. Besides that it’s also handy for your slumber parties or Sudoku nights. There is 1 big kitchen wagons for preparing food, 1 bar wagon, 1 dance wagon, mainly for activities outside the official program such as parties and chilling. In short, there’s enough space to play a good game of golf.

Keep enough space for memories

Curious about the facilities? I thought you had enough numbers. Well okay, here it goes!

There are 60 sleep cabins with 6 beds each. Each sleeping wagon has at least 2 toilets and there are a couple more in some bar wagons. We also got 3 sinks per sleeping wagon, 40 wall sockets in total and…no showers. Be aware that you can’t have your daily singing-in-the-bathtub-session. This doesn’t mean you have to smell like sweaty socks. We are going to make sure you can shower every day in public baths, hostels or at the stations. Speaking about socks, this also counts for your laundry. However, the number of creative solutions is big and the number of hostels, hotels and laundry services that will help us out as well. And as for your luggage. It would be great if you could bring your surfboard, your parachute and inflatable boat. But unfortunately the storage units allow no more than one backpack per person. Our advice: travel light.

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