Meet the team

Looking for someone to talk to? Here you find all the contact details and information about what they do in the project of the people that work on The Unity Express.

Community & Experience E-mail: Coen Skype: r.graniet As Community Manager I engage with our fans and volunteers. Got questions? I'm here to help! I also help develop the online platforms.
Program & Activities E-mail: Stephan Skype: derdaumen This journey is not just fun, it also makes sense! Let me tell you about it.
Board Member & Advisor E-mail: Michiel Skype: michiel.witkam After initiating The Unity Express and being the Treasurer, I now advise the team in difficult moments with my 70 years of life experience.
Safety & Security E-mail: Haitham Skype: haitham-ls4 Your safety is my concern! Doubts? What are you waiting for, E-mail me!
Legal Department E-mail: Laura Skype: elevandis6ber Ask me anything about legal issues! I bet I'll have an answer for you. No, objection. I know I'll have an answer.
Sponsoring & City Coordinator E-mail: Maarten Skype: flipmetdehoed I help getting the funds for the train. I'm also a coordinator between cities to facilitate the local programs!
Volunteer Coordinator E-mail: Lya Skype: SissyZmorge Love & parties are going to change the world! So let's get started!

Learn about the organisation

The WE Travel Foundation LogoThe WE Travel Foundation was founded in April 2010 in The Netherlands. It was brought to life when The Unity Express began to take off, to function as a legal body for the project. With The WE Travel Foundation we have a broader vision on how community-driven travel experiences can play an important role in cultural understanding and solidarity. WE believes travel connects. Through unique travel projects, such as The Unity Express, we focus on improving these connections between people in order to create a stronger community.

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