1st Edition

Einheit ist eine Reise, nicht ein Ziel

The first Unity Express pulls away from the station in July 2012, marking the start of an annual series of events. The project has been building a head of steam over the past two years, and when the Unity Express finally sets out on its inaugural run, it will gather the momentum necessary to carry the project into the future.  The journey begins in the summer of 2012.

In 2012, we will spend four weeks on the rails, departing from Maastricht, The Netherlands at the beginning of July. We first head north, looping through Scandinavia, and then wind our way down to the Balkans. We reach as far east as Istanbul, before next following the coast of southern European all the way to France.  We finally cut back across the Alps to end our journey in Maribor, Slovenia. When all is said and done, the train will have rolled through 24 countries and called at 14 cities.

The Unity Express has many destinations but only goal: to unify Europe. Just as unity has no respect for borders, neither does the Unity Express.

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