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Measure in friends rather than miles

The Unity Express takes you to 24 countries that are all indicated on the map above.

It’s an amazing journey of more than 11.000 km long. We will stop in 14 cities with overnight stays in 8 of them. The overnight stays are realized in collaboration with the CouchSurfing community. As you can see on the map we’ll go along oceans, through mountains, over plains and drive along fjords.

Due to insufficient railroad infrastructure and governmental restriction, we can’t visit all the European cities. Nevertheless you’ll cross from Sassnitz, Germany to Trelleborg, Sweden by ferry with the whole train. After this, you’ve visited more places and met more people than the average European pigeon. And moreover, you got a better understanding of Europe.

Notice: this new route is currently being reviewed by our train partners. Minor changes can occur while they test if the time schedule we chose is really possible.

Our itinerary at a glance

WeekDayDate Night (0:00 - 8:00)Morning (8:00 - 12:00)Afternoon (12:00 - 18:00)Evening (18:00 - 0:00)
 0sat7-jul   Maastricht (NL) 
WEEK 11sun8-jul On board  Malmö (SE)
2mon9-jul Malmö (SE)   
3tue10-jul Malmö (SE)  On board
4wed11-jul On boardOslo (NO)  
5thu12-jul On board   
6fri13-jul On boardFrankfurt (Oder) (DE)  
7sat14-jul On board  Brno (CZ)
WEEK 28sun15-jul Brno (CZ)   
9mon16-jul Brno (CZ)  On board
10tue17-jul On boardDebrecen (HU)  
11wed18-jul On board  Ruse (BG)
12thu19-jul Ruse (BG)   
13fri20-jul On board   
14sat21-jul On boardIstanbul (TR)  
WEEK 315sun22-jul Istanbul (TR)   
16mon23-jul Istanbul (TR)On board  
17tue24-jul On board Thessaloniki (GR) 
18wed25-jul On board  Beograd (RS)
19thu26-jul Beograd (RS)   
20fri27-jul On board   
21sat28-jul On board Padova (IT) 
WEEK 422sun29-jul Padova (IT)   
23mon30-jul Padova (IT) On board 
24tue31-jul On boardLyon (FR) On board
25wed1-aug On boardInnsbruck (AT)  
26thu2-aug On board  Maribor (SI)
27fri3-aug Maribor (SI)   
28sat4-aug Maribor (SI)   
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