Get ready to Volunteer!

We’ve been creating some new possibilities over the past weeks for people to start volunteering for The Unity Express Project. This blog post explains the new Volunteers Network, the Challenges section on this website and how it works.

The Volunteers Network

A fancy name for a very simple idea: up till now we never had a really good way of knowing who did or wants to do something for the project. It sort of happened all the time and we remembered them by name and E-mail address. Or they would stay in touch with us.

We thought we could do that a little more structured. We took some time to develop a form that you can fill in so that you are registered as a volunteer for The Unity Express. This is good for us, because now we can easily search for people that for example are good at web development or writing texts if we need that kind of help. And we will never forget about the people that once helped us out if we have new challenges in the future. It’s also good for you, because you’ll only get notified of challenges that you are familiar with, get invitations to volunteer-only parties and, if resources and budget allows us to, even some goodies as appreciation for what you did! All because of this great little form that allows us to keep in touch with you :)

Sign up as volunteer in the Volunteers Network here »

Challenges for volunteers

Whenever we spoke or E-mailed with people that said they wanted to help out, we were always saying like “yeah, there is so much to do, we are sure going to find something for you!”, never really having a concrete idea what that person could start doing right now. The thing is: there is indeed always a lot to do in the project, but a lot requires quite a bit of knowledge about the project. Not something you can hand over like that to someone and expect them to get it right away.

With the new Challenges menu item under “The Project” (and also the convenient sidebar list on the right) you can now see what tasks we have put up for anybody to pick up and complete. We have done our best to describe the challenges as detailed as possible so you know exactly what to do. Just clicking the “I accept this challenge” button is enough to get you started. All we ask is that you send a short E-mail telling us who you are and what your plans are.

Go see the current Challenges & start one today »

What do you think?

Good new features? Rubbish? Unnecessary? Brilliant move? Can’t wait to get started? Well, we can’t wait to hear from you all what you think! Is the form for the Volunteers Network easy to fill in? Are there questions or options missing? And how about the Challenges? Are they OK or still too vague? Please share your feedback and we’ll look into it!

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  1. Katarina says:

    Cool…I would like to be in this train right now..I love you people! Welcome

  2. Cleiton says:

    Hello I would like to know how to participate in this project, I am marking a trip to see Europe, and this is a perfect opportunity to make friendships and European culture, which is referred to here as well in Brazil.
    thank you
    olá gostaria de saber como faço para participar desse projeto, estou marcando uma viagem para conhecer a Europa, e essa é uma perfeita oportunidade, fazer amizades e a cultura europeia que é bem referida aqui no Brazil.
    muito obrigada

  3. kemal says:

    it’s a couchsurfing miracle,l lıke ıt